About Us

LMN (Lemon) Homewares is a boutique home and gift wares store located in Richmond, NSW. A unique store in the heart of the Hawkesbury, LMN curates a collection of bedding, home décor, planters, wall art and other decorative pieces for the modern home. A fun, bold, vibrant store that takes inspiration from doing something different. A true oasis of eclectic pieces nestled amongst the semi-rural backdrop of Richmond.
LMN’s range in store is not for the faint-hearted. Bright, bold and colourful, this store has been made for lovers of pieces where form follows function and there are no limits. Combining a love of interior design and the need to create a space in the local area that hasn’t been done before, LMN offers a retreat from traditional, farm-house inspired design and interior styling. As locals themselves, the owners of LMN know and understand the need for a store like this, to break
up the monotony of dark woods and antiques to inspire a brighter, more colourful home.
LMN is backed by a solid ethos of supporting small local business to showcase what the local area has to offer, as well as become a destination store for all interior design lovers. This new store is about being inclusive and making everyone feel comfortable, happy and injecting a little bit of colour into their lives. It is about more than the products they stock, but it is about creating and fostering friendships and connections to create an inclusive community of like-minded individuals.
We hope to see you in store!