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You Got This Bath Mat

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It doesn’t matter what you have on the agenda today, or this week.. or this year even. Big or small - your goals matter and YOU matter.

Our bath mats don’t discriminate. Whether you’ve got a black belt in ticking off your daily to-do lists or you prefer to take each task as it comes and scoff at the thought of hard deadlines, we’re here to remind you that YOU HAVE GOT THIS.

It doesn't matter if you’re planning a day of doing nothing at all or training for a marathon... or getting ready for a nerve racking appointment - we’ve got your back, with a daily dose of positive vibes, ready to go!

Every time you look down, we’ll remind you to keep your chin up and tell you that you can do this! 

Now go get em’, tiger! 


You’ve got this (and we’ve got you):

We’re not just a pretty face. We make our mats from super soft, 100% cotton that make a career out of making sure your feet are the comfiest they’ve ever been. Gone are the days of slippery bathroom floors, too! Our absorbency game deserves a whole sheet of gold stars!


Size: 50cm x 80cm
Care: Machine Washable